Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Evolution... revisited

i know, i know, it's flippin' 6 am. maybe that can attest to my new conviction. perhaps you are a veteran reader of my blog and have witnessed this post and have seen my grade 12 arguments presented in essay format as to the question of evolution and my fundamentalist claims.

well, i haven't made up my mind yet, but this thread has provided some radical insight for my Creationist viewpoint. i'm not sure. i'm honestly not sure. this doesn't change my christian faith, as my faith is not based on my understanding of a 6 day creation. it appears as though the Evolutionist view has evolved into Intelligent Design, and i almost regret having moved on from the debates and inquiry. the contending worldviews seem to have eradicated my previous stance, for which i am eternally grateful. science seems to have moved on from the Creationist-Evolutionist debate. one thing that has not changed is the faulty data still being distributed in textbooks.

in case you are wondering, i believe the Bible to be infallible and inerrant. i believe science can provide evidence for this, but like everything else, science cannot prove anything.


  1. In a certain sense you are right Aaron, science cannot prove anything beyond a doubt. But it can reduce the ammount of doubt one must overcome to believe something. What science doesn't do is propose a large string of "it could have beens" to support a theory.

    This is what evolutionists do in attempting to explain how macro evolution works. They say this could have happened, then this, then this. But emprical evidence for the phenomenon they describe has yet to be provided, and indeed as the evolutionist complains is not easy to provide, yet they seem so confident in their theory.

  2. they seem as confident in their theory as creationists. honestly, i think they are on to something. i'm not quite confident that it's evolution, but we can see stars that are billions of lightyears away. one thing we can be certain of, is that our God is exceedingly profound.