Friday, November 06, 2015

Double Standards

In order to establish a double-standard effectively, you need to create a series of narratives (as opposed to one single narrative) so that it masks the hypocrisy...

God's Not Dead 1 Atheist professor preaches to Christian student, student must stand up for his right to believe.

God's Not Dead 2  is simply the inverse: Christian teacher preaches to Atheist student, teacher must fight for her right to teach the Bible.

This is Tribalism 101; Us vs. Them.

The diabolical antagonists in these movies are caricatured straw men, and need to be because these movies' agenda is so misguided and sad, one dimensional disney characters are all that can support it.

These movies are born out of and perpetuate moral outrage. Which is a shame, because moral outrage is a thin veil for self-righteousness and fear.