Friday, April 06, 2007

The Thomas Question

okay, so i'll give you the update. my part-time job has turned into a full-time job, working as an editor at Everlasting Moments. i am also in charge of updating their website.

i've been listening to podcasts by The Thomas Question lately, during the long trek between home and work. if you enjoy intellectual, thought-provoking, challenging messages, i would suggest subscribing to their podcast here if you're using iTunes, and here if you're not. it's a great podcast for people who aren't comfortable with christians, but are curious about God.

well, i'm thinking about starting up my blog again. i've left it alone for 4 months, because i was falling into a routine with this thing. i intend to change things up a bit. i have some new ideas about things, and my faith has some new influences. so we'll see where it takes me.
a new challenge:

this Easter, take time off from work, even if you aren't done work. organize your life in a pattern that allows, and prepares for rest.